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Fall Game Material

6 more, 6 more, come on Indians let's up that score
S-C-O-R-E score Indians score
First and ten, do it again, N-H-S
W-I-N fight to win
Move It, Down The Field, Score 6 More
Score Score Score Indians, Score 6 more
Offense It's Time, To Take It Across That Line
The Endzone Is What We're Looking For, Come one Indians Get The Ball And Score
Hustle Hustle, Score Score, We Want More
Touchdown, Touchdown, Score 6 More

De-fense, de-fense, let's go Indians
Fight blue, fight white, fight fight tonight
Indians, we've got your back, Defense, get tough attack
H-I-T E-M hit em, hit em, hit em
H-O-L-D hold that L-I-N-E
Defense, dig in, hold um for the win
Block, block that kick, defense block that kick
Indians Lets Go, Defense Take Control
Knock Em' Down, Roll Em' Around, Go Defense Go
D-E-F-E-N-S-E, Defense Newington, Defense

Let's hear it for the best, N-H-S
Yell out your colors Indians, Gold and Blue
G to the O, Yell Go Go Go Newington
F-I-G-H-T Fight Indians Fight
L-e-t-s G-o Indians, Let's Go!
N-H-S Here we go, Indians
Indians, let's fight! Blue, gold, and white
Who are you yelling for, N H S
Go, go Newington, everybody yell, go Newington
G, G-O, NHS let's go
If you like it, say go big blue, go big blue
Turn Up The Heat, Newington XX Can't Be Beat
Yell It, Louder Now, N-H-S
N-N-H-N-H-S, We Are The Best
Come On Indians Let's Do It Again, Fight To Win
Show Your Indian Pride Yell We Are XX Newignton X 
Indian Pride, Indian Pride, Our Team's The Best Let's Show Our Pride
Blue, Gold, White, Indians Lets Win Tonight

Let's go XX Newing-ton
XXX XXX Go Big Blue
D D D De-fense
De-fense Newington, De-fense
Pump It Up Indians, Pump It Up
Get That Ball Indians, Get That Ball
Score More Indians, Score More
Lets Go Indians Lets Go XX

Fight Song:
We're the sons of Newington High
The best team on the field
Cause we've got the boys that do or die
the team that will not yield
With our colors gold and blue
We're out to win this game
Cause we've got the boys that fight right through
Bringing Newington High to fame

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