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Shoot it shoot it for two, shoot it shoot it
Dribble it XX pass it XX shoot it, in the basket
Dribble, shoot shoot, take that ball to the hoop hoop
To the hoop blue, to the hoop blue, let's go Newington
Shoot two through the hoop, N H S
Shoot for the hoop come one lets score, two
Two more, two more, come on team let's up that score
Take it, to the top of the key, we want three
Shoot X the ball XX, shoot the ball for two
Down the court, all the way, score Newington score
Offense thatís right, come in team letís fight
Shoot, shoot, shoot the ball for two

Fight blue, fight white, fight fight tonight
R EB OUND that ball
D D D De-fense
Get-that-ball-back, get that ball back
Defense, defense, block that ball
De-fense, de-dense, letís go Newington
Newington letís go, defense take control
D-e-f-e-n-s-e, defense Newington defense
Defense, letís roll, take the ball lets go

Let's hear it for the best, N-H-S
Yell out your colors Newington, Gold and Blue
L-e-t-s G-o Newington, Let's Go!
Aggressive, B-E aggressive
Up the court, down the court, go fight win
Go Fight Win (7-3-1)
Move that ball, down the court, I said move it move it
Let's X get XX fired up
W-I-N, Fight to win
If you like it say go big blue, go big blue

Let's go XX Newing-ton
D D D De-fense
De-fense Newington, De-fense
Pump it up Newington Pump it up
Here we go Newington, Here we go

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